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Marine and Maritime Finance

CapInvest is your trusted partner with a deep understanding and experience in the marine finance market. We can assist you in acquiring financing for vessels, such as ships, fishing boats and cargo carriers. We understand that marine and maritime vessels are used in different ways and can propose different methods of financing suitable for your company. We are able to assist in structuring a financing package that works for any budget.

With our expertise in shipping, trade and cross border finance, we are able to source the best marine and maritime financing solutions. Funding for boats, ships and other marine vessels is a specialist finance type and requires a high level of skill and knowledge that differs from other funding types. Our customers can be confident that we are well positioned at the heart of the industry.

When to consider Marine and Maritime Financing?

When you are looking to buy a vessel, specialist finance knowledge and product are required. Most banks and the majority of traditional lending institutions will not offer the facility as a standard product. At CapInvest, we understand the complexities involved when compared to purchasing a standard vehicle.

We can assist you if you are looking for a finance facility to fund marine and maritime vessels, including:

  • Boats, yachts and cruisers
  • Powerboats, workboats, narrowboats, barges and widebeams
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • Marine Radar and Sonar
  • Boat Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Whether your goal is to own a luxury motor yacht, a fast sailboat or a leisure fishing vessel, the specialists at CapInvest can help. Our team draws upon in-depth knowledge of the marine sector, experience in wealth management and the extensive resources of a leading financial provider.

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What are the benefits of working with CapInvest?

In addition to customised marine and maritime financing, CapInvest can facilitate access to sophisticated credit capabilities and additional resources. We have the experience and capital strength that few independent lenders can match. Our attention to detail and high level of personal service ensure that your credit facility effectively complements the rest of your business management strategy and operations.

Our marine and maritime finance solutions are customised with fixed or variable rate options and leases structured to fit your needs. Whether it’s funding vessel purchase, sale/leasebacks, or restructuring debt - CapInvest assists with custom financial solutions that can free up capital for your growth.

We specialise in:

  • Refinances
  • Purchase Loans
  • Term Loans
  • Lease/Bareboat Charter
  • New and Used Vessels and Marine Equipment
  • Construction financing

To thrive in today's maritime sector, you need an experienced lender. Our team has served the marine and maritime finance industry for years. Learn how we can work together to meet your business needs. Contact us today.